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Book Review: Rites and Wrongs

SUMMARY The events in this book literally takes place in a week, and two days. Ruiz Pascal, a Sante Fe detective goes beyond and above call of duty, even crossing lines of professionalism. A whirlwind of events blow pranks and well intentioned interferences out of proportion, attracting attention from San Felipe Tribal and the Feds.Continue reading “Book Review: Rites and Wrongs”

MUTED: a book review

A BOOK REVIEW+FAVOURITE QOUTES MEET THE AUTHOR Tami Charles is the New York Times bestselling author of All Because You Matter, and numerous books for children and young adults. Her middle grade debut, Like Vanessa, earned Top 10 spots on the Indies Introduce and Spring Kids’ Next lists, three starred reviews, and a Junior LibraryContinue reading “MUTED: a book review”

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Formerly known as literaryhoneycomb, a book review blog, this blog evolved into the student lifestyle blog it is today.


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